Path of Exile

Path Of Exile is a great new dark fantasy action RPG from Grinding Gear Games, which is currently being developed, and is available online in a beta-testing version. It is set in the mythical realm of Wraeclast, and features six classes of character to choose from. The game can be played as a single player, or as a multi player RPG. It is structurally very similar to Diablo III and other similar dark fantasy oriented RPG's, and is packed with action and questing opportunities.

We recommend this game to players who enjoy paying a great deal of attention to details, as Path Of Exile features a simply massive skill tree, one of the largest we've ever seen. So, you'll need to spend a lot of time absorbing these details if you want to truly master this game.

Gaming Qualities

  • Receive recognition in frequent events
  • Be competitive in the ladder and together with your ratings
  • Exclusive gaming areas and monsters
  • three-dimensional environment observed from predetermined angle pov
  • Will continue being totally free to play
It's very fast paced, and features superior graphics and sound effects, especially for an online game which is still only in its initial beta stage. But, from what we have seen, we're sure that Path Of Exile will draw a lot of attention and build a devoted fan base very quickly. Game play is very smooth, with few glitches. Of course, since the game is presently only available online, the pace of loading and game play will depend largely on the speed and capacity of your internet browser. It's a game that we would recommend loading only with an optimized browser and a high speed internet connection.


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Gameplay Video

The classes of character include Marauder, Witch, and other similar mythical and fantasy archetypes, so those looking for a dark fantasy fix will find plenty to latch onto here. Path Of Exile is currently available at the official Grinding Gear company website. You'll want to keep an eye out for this one- it's going to blow up huge very shortly.
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